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The Poet Ivan Jenson


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Midwest Juliet - A Poem By Ivan Jenson from Cassidy Bisher on Vimeo.




An expatriate of the New York City art scene Ivan Jenson moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan where he experienced a life-changing epiphany which led him to an unexpectedly successful literary career. He has two novels, Dead Artist and Seeing Soriah, published by Hen House Press, New York and over four hundred and fifty poems published online, in print and in anthologies in the US, UK and Europe. Jenson's poems have been featured in many of the top twenty online and print magazines in the US and several of his poems have been turned into mini films. Jenson's trademark style features, wit, wordplay and unexpected twists. This debut comprehensive collection, features poems which run the gamut from hilarious to heartbreaking, from complex to deceptively simple and direct, while always showcasing his unique one of a kind mastery with words. This book also includes his whimsical line drawings. Completely original and always entertaining, Ivan Jenson moves to the forefront of the poetry world with this collection, Media Child and Other Poems.


Ivan Jenson's book of poetry, "Media Child and Other Poems."

Published by Hen House Press, New York


Media Child and Other Poems debut poetry collection is quite simply one of the wittiest, touching, insightful and most entertaining poetry collections to come along in years. Ivan Jenson has proven himself to be a phenomenon in the world of contemporary poetry having been published in close to five hundred magazines online and in print internationally.


Collected here are poems of humor, comic angst and bittersweet longing, all of them displaying his peerless way with words and wordplay. This collection contains a staggering two hundred twenty-three poems penned by Jenson in a prolific fountain of sustained and inspired creativity. From short sure to be classic poems with a twist like Note to Self which was adapted into a short film, to show pieces like A Subway Named Desire, a poem about the inherent paranoia in a modern love affair, Jenson is taking poetry into the mainstream by single-handedly infusing his poems with a vital, visceral energy that resonates with generations old and young.

Ivan Jenson is also an accomplished fine artist who has been featured full page in Art News and Art in America Magazine and his line drawings enhance this collection with their whimsy.

Thousands of readers have already discovered the poetry of Ivan Jenson and this surefire collection, Media Child and Other Poems promises to bring Ivan Jenson to the attention of millions more taking modern poetry from select literary circles outward to enlighten the masses.


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5.0 out of 5 stars This review is from: Media Child and Other Poems (Paperback) A Unique and Distinctive Voice, May 16, 2014 By Dr. Ralph Monday

"Ivan Jenson's Media Child and Other Poems is one of those rarities: a collection of poems that all contain vibrant and heartfelt voices. Mr. Jenson has a gift for startling the reader with slice of life poems that radiate with "I've lived this experience intensity." The language that he uses is that of everyday life, of conversation over coffee, a beer in a good bar, of soup that was really gravy. The poems about relationships are especially engaging: there is lost love, found love, looking for love, not sure what love is, who cares about love--all presented in concrete imagery that would make Pound proud, and all reflections on the nature of human relationships that anyone can relate to."

The book is large, 258 pages of poetry that sings, dazzles, and dances. Sometimes the imagery is haunting, at other times reflective, still others insightful on the nature of the human condition, but all the poems will leave the reader with a profound realization
that he or she has just encountered something special. Mr. Jenson's voice is gifted, and on
e that I hope we hear singing for years to come. ---------------------------------------------

Ivan Jenson's poems have appeared in Word Riot, BlazeVox, Dunes Review, UNDERGROUND VOICES MAGAZINE, Your Dailly Poem, Every Day Poems, nthWord, Camrock Press Review, Front Porch Rview, Ray’s Road Review, Enoia Review, Mad Swirl, NEW YORK Dreaming, Arthur Magazine, The Commonline Journal, The Blue Hour, MILK SUGAR, The Social Poet, badrobotpoetry, A Year of Being Here, Gadfly, Carcinogenic Poetry, Poems and Poetry, poeticdiversity, Angelfire, border hopping, Pyrokinection, The Poetry Locksmith-Eye on LIfe Magazine, DEAD SNAKES, THIS Literary Magazine, All our Poems, The Flaneur art blog (UK), Mifits’ Miscellany, RFishc, VIGOGRAY-PRESS, Epiphany Magazine, Dagna Publishing (UK), Hagggard & Hallo Publications, Her Royal Majesty(Paris), Ottawa Arts Review, L’Allures des Mots, The Blue Hour Anthology Volume One and Two, L.E.S Review, New York Public Library POETRY MONTH, READER’S DEN, Threads/Dagda Publishing (UK), St. Somewhere Journal (Caribbean Basin region), The Higgs Weldon, The Newtowner, Green Spot Blue, Viral Cat Press, Exercise Bowler, Gloom Cupboard, San Fransisco Pease and Hope, Opium Poetry-The Literary Underground, The Other Herald, Poetry Super Highway, Boston Poetry Magazine, BLUEPEPPER (Australia), BoySlut, A Year of Being Here, vox poetica, The AEolian Review, Autum Poetry eBook Anthology, Fiction Noir Anthology, Ottawa Arts Review, Flutter Poetry Journal, Four and Twenty Magazine, Poetic Desperation, Handful Of Dust, Zygote in my Coffee, Unlikely 2.0, THOUGHTSMITH, Opium Poetry, 2.0, Cafe Del Soul, Indigo Rising Magazine, Penspark, Penumbra (Madrid), The Bitchen' Kitsch, The Brooklyn Voice, Del La Mancha Magazine, Poets & Artists (O&S).

The following work is Copyright © 2009, and owned by Ivan Jenson and may not be distributed or reprinted in any form whatsoever without written permission from the author.


The Things I do for you

I have lifted your couches
and swept your floors
and painted your walls
and listened to your stories repeat

like a scratched up 45
I have known you for years
and put up with your ups
and your let downs
and red wine nights
and your sleep all days
I have watched you
change from frenetic and young
to someone always looking
over their shoulder
at the blur of years
like fast moving faces in

passing trains
you have had me
running in circles
trying to catch some
flying bouquet of pleasure
so that I might
offer it to you
and only now do
I question
our vaudeville
song and dance
but the only
answer I can
find is written between
the laugh lines
etched under
your eyes
and the answer
is yes
I can give you
a ride to the store
you crazy, wonderful
car wreck of a woman






You Noticed


I just disappear

into the patterns of the tablecloth and wallpaper and at other times I am the floral centerpiece sometimes I am the embarrassing coffee stain but sometimes I am the vintage wine sometimes I am the apple cider of your eyes and then suddenly I am as far away as the man on the quarter moon taking a cold meteor shower a sight only a geek with a telescope would be interested in and sometimes you give me one hundred percent of your attention and I am a crowned prince of infinite possibilities and ruler

of your smile




© 2013 Ivan Jenson


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